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  • The WCCTA Board of Directors voted to retire the remaining 50% of the regular Capital Credit Dividends allocated for the year 2003. Mid-November checks totaling over $1.7 Million will be refunded to past and present members.
    Is your address on your account current? If you received a check last year you can expect the same amount this year!
    Please note that checks will not be mailed to accounts with past due amounts.

  • WIFI now available at the Gowrie Athletic Field. Use your WCCTA email address to connect.
  • Tired of Political Calls? Telemarketer Call Management can screen these calls for you by playing a recorded message that requires the caller to dial 1 to talk to you. Available from WCCTA for $3.50/month. Contact our office for details.

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Remember WCCTA removes all e-mail on the WCCTA mail server over 90 days old. This only affects mail on our server - not on your computer.

If you have an e-mail address you are no longer using, please contact WCCTA to delete the account.




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