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  • Notices were recently sent to current customers due to the changes of terms and conditions of local telephone service. This in no way changes the service or quality of service we provide. Please contact our office with any questions.

  • The WCCTA Board of Directors voted to retire the remaining 50% of the regular Capital Credit Dividends allocated for the year 2003. Mid-November checks totaling over $1.7 Million will be refunded to past and present members.
    Is your address on your account current? If you received a check last year you can expect the same amount this year!
    Please note that checks will not be mailed to accounts with past due amounts.

  • WIFI now available at the Gowrie Athletic Field. Use your WCCTA email address to connect.
  • Tired of Political Calls? Telemarketer Call Management can screen these calls for you by playing a recorded message that requires the caller to dial 1 to talk to you. Available from WCCTA for $3.50/month. Contact our office for details.

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Remember WCCTA removes all e-mail on the WCCTA mail server over 90 days old. This only affects mail on our server - not on your computer.

If you have an e-mail address you are no longer using, please contact WCCTA to delete the account.




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